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Charter School Performances The Last Three Years

    When Ball State announced last week it will not reauthorize the charters for two Indianapolis charter schools, they cited “chronic underperformance” as the reason for the closures.

    Along with financial reasons, this is the reason most-cited for closing the doors at charter schools throughout the state, and looking at the A-F grades the last few years, there are more Ds and Fs than anything. The charts below show the frequency of A-F grades in charter schools around the state for the last three years (when available).

    2012 2013 2014

















    Indiana is in an interesting time for charter schools and their successes, with Governor Pence saying he wants to expand funding for charter schools during this session while the legislature takes a look at the school funding formula. But as the General Assembly discusses that issue this session the idea of the performance of charter schools is sure to come up.


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