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State Superintendent Candidate Debate Set For Oct. 24

Kyle Stokes / StateImpact Indiana

State superintendent candidate Glenda Ritz (at left), a Democrat, speaks at a campaign event in Bloomington in August.

The two candidates for Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction will debate less than two weeks before voters decide which of them will win the state’s top elected education post.

GOP incumbent Tony Bennett will debate Democratic challenger Glenda Ritz on October 24 at Wabash College’s Ball Theater, according to both the Ritz campaign and the League of Women Voters of Indiana.

Indianapolis Star columnist Matthew Tully, who embedded for a year as a reporter inside a troubled Indianapolis high school, will moderate the debate.

With less than one month until election day, November 6, it’s highly unlikely the candidates will meet for the total of 9 debates Ritz called for in early September.

The debate should provide a clear contrast between the two candidates as both are practically diametrically opposed on almost every key issue — A-F grading, school choice, standardized testing and teacher evaluations.

We’ll get a closer look at both Ritz’s and Bennett’s campaign war chests in the coming weeks when their campaigns’ quarterly financial reports are released. However, all indications point to Bennett vastly out-fundraising Ritz, who has relied on small donations and an infusion of cash from the state’s teachers unions to mount her electoral challenge.


  • edprof

    I sincerely hope that Glenda mops the floor with him! Tony needs to GO!

  • TeacherAndProudOfIt

    Ms. Ritz – please, Please, PLEASE start getting your name out there!!! EVERYONE in the Education field knows that Bennett has GOT to go!! Now we need to get the rest of the public to know that!

    • Teacherofmany

      It is our job as educators to inform the public. Talk with 7 family, friends, neighbors, etc. get them to vote for Glenda Ritz! They can remember her by the nick name “The Ritz Cracker”. Go Glenda!

  • Barbara Snell

    Will the debate be televised? Indy PBS televised the Gov. debate tonight. Also, spread teh word… so many people inc teachers do not understand that State Supt job is an elected ppost.

  • Ann Kirschner

    I have seen Dr. Bennett’s political ads on television. Talk about false advertising. It is time to have an educator instead of a politician. Just how many years has it been since he was in a real classroom? Professional educators in Indiana need to let the public know what havoc Dr. Bennett has wrought on the teachers and collaterally the students in Indiana. The price on inaction is much too high. The future of the most valuable resource of our country and our state is at stake- our children and grandchildren. Professional educators–let your voices be heard. Stand up for yourselves as professionals deserving respect and for the sake of the students. I find it ironic that schools are so concerned with bullying. This is a serious problem for our young people. Dr. Bennett’s attitudes an policies toward teachers are little different- he is the bully. We need someone who will lead by example and collaboration rather than dictate one size fits all policies which in fact-fit no one. Glenda Ritz would seem to have all of these attributes. Tell anyone who will listen how important it is not to re elect Dr. Bennett. Hoosiers are famous for their common sense grass roots political activity. It is time to harness that energy again to unseat Dr. Bennett.

  • Frustrated Parent

    I would recommend Tully asking why Tony Bennett is receiving $1000′s from hedge fund managers in NYC, the Mayor of New York, as well as $1000′s from the Bill Gates Foundation and the owner of Wal-mart, including wealthy charter school operations from Florida. Do out of state folks care that much about Indiana kids, or do they want a piece of the “for profit” education reform pie TB is cooking? I think you know the answer!

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