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The 10 Biggest Pay Gaps Between Administrators And Teachers In Indiana Schools

    Kyle Stokes / StateImpact Indiana

    A public school teacher leads class at an Indianapolis high school.

    The average Indiana public school administrator makes roughly $30,000 more than the average teacher, but there are a few districts and schools where that gap between salaries is at least twice as big — and statewide, the gap has gotten bigger.

    The data from the Indiana Department of Education show that five years ago, the average administrator made about $25,000 more than the average teacher.

    But where is the gulf between teacher and administrator salaries the widest?

    Here are two Top Ten lists, one including charter schools and one excluding charter schools. (Charters are public schools, receiving taxpayer funding. It can be problematic to directly compare school-level data to district-level data.)

    10 Biggest Pay Gaps (Excluding Charters) 10 Biggest Pay Gaps (Including Charters)
    District Admin. Teacher Diff. School Admin. Teacher Difference
    Beech Grove City Schools $112,376 $52,432 $59,944 Timothy L. Johnson Academy* $128,000 $35,281 $92,719
    Clark-Pleasant Cmm’ty School Corp. $103,207 $49,573 $53,634 Stonegate Early College High School* $98,000 $34,157 $63,843
    Scott County School District 1 $96,988 $45,299 $51,689 Beech Grove City Schools $112,376 $52,432 $59,944
    Muncie Community Schools $97,462 $47,731 $49,731 Christel House Academy* $95,180 $40,329 $54,851
    South Putnam Community Schools $87,366 $39,874 $47,492 Imagine Life Sciences Academy* $90,000 $35,261 $54,739
    Johnson County Special Services $95,463 $48,204 $47,259 Community Montessori Inc. $81,900 $27,213 $54,687
    Town of Speedway Schools $101,972 $55,475 $46,497 Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School* $98,000 $43,759 $54,241
    Greenwood Cmm’ty School Corp. $97,189 $50,961 $46,228 Clark-Pleasant Cmm’ty School Corp. $103,207 $49,573 $53,634
    Avon Community School Corp. $93,965 $48,298 $45,667 21st Century Charter School of Gary* $92,000 $38,523 $53,477
    Lafayette School Corp. $97,125 $51,798 $45,327 Monument Lighthouse Charter* $90,125 $37,614 $52,511
    SOURCE: Indiana Department of Education District-Level Average Teacher & Administrator Salaries, 2006-2010 / *Charter School

    StateImpact took a look at teacher and administrator salaries in Indiana, and we’ll be putting up a few posts on paying public school employees over the next week.


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