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Parent: 'Somebody Didn't Give A Crap About My Child' In Testing Scandal

Screenshot / PBS NewsHour

Atlanta Public Schools parent Chandra Gallashaw spoke to the PBS NewsHour.

Chandra Gallashaw — whose daughter attends an Atlanta, Ga., school where cheating on standardized tests allegedly ran rampant — told PBS NewsHour she’s not happy about the testing scandal:

See, these children take a test before they get in those schools. You know what it’s called? It’s called the streets out there. It’s called the drug dealers they have to walk past, the prostitution they have to walk past, the gangs they have to walk past. They take a test before they even get in them doors.

And what are we doing when we’re inside with all this stuff that’s going on? It’s taking them kids right back to where they done came from. Somebody didn’t give a crap about my child.

Watch the full story here:

We’ve reported teacher cheating is far, far less widespread in Indiana — and so far as anyone can tell, not systematic at all (like in Atlanta). But NewsHour’s story, addresses some of the same issues we heard about from policy experts in our story: If the targets for 100% student proficiency set out under No Child Left Behind remain unchanged, schools will face enormous pressures to perform.



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