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Indiana State Teachers Association Brings State to Court Over Voucher Law

Indiana Public Broadcasting statehouse Reporter Brandon Smith filed a report about a lawsuit over whether or not Indiana can issue vouchers to private schools.

Indiana’s Choice Scholarship bill, establishing the broadest school voucher program in the country, is now facing a challenge in state court.

A lawsuit filed in Marion County Superior Court Friday by 12 individuals with support from the Indiana State Teacher’s Association and the National Education Association says the new voucher program is unconstitutional.

They say it draws money away from the constitutionally-required public school system and gives money to fund religious education. In a statement, Governor Mitch Daniels said the lawsuit is about the teachers union putting its financial self-interest ahead of Hoosier children and low-income families.

Indiana’s constitution contains specific limitations regarding the separation of church and state.  The 6th section of the charter prohibits the use of government funds to support religious institutions.  Supporters of the voucher program argue that the funds are issued to parents and children rather than directly to parochial schools.


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