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October 2010 Updates

Christina Kuzmych offers information on election night coverage and WFIU's upcoming interview with Gay Talese.

Tune in for special election night coverage:
WFIU’s 2010 elections coverage includes radio features, debates, call-ins, and anchored election night reporting. WFIU has partnered with Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations to bring you election coverage from around the state, with updated totals and breaking news on election night.

WFIU Radio Features Interview with Gay Talese:
In November, WFIU Public Radio will air a special interview with Gay Talese. In this interview with IU School of Journalism professor Owen Johnson, Talese talks about working his way up from a copy boy at the New York Times, how to write about people’s internal lives, and practicing the art of patience when researching “boring” gangsters. Listen for it on Sunday, November 14 and look for it on our website, at

With Heart and Voice
will return in October, thanks to the generous support of listeners. However, we will continue to air The Score on Sunday afternoons at 2 pm.