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January 2011 Updates

Station updates for January 2011 from WFIU Station Manager Christina Kuzmych.

Station Updates

WFIU Awarded CPB Grant for Digital Conversion
WFIU received a Digital Conversion Grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to complete the conversion to digital. The grant amount is $70,000 with a $30,000 match required. In the current environment, this is a great vote of confidence and quite an achievement. Congratulations to John Shelton, Brad Howard, Barrie Zimmerman and others who provided the necessary information to make our case.

End-of-Year Gift from Jazz Singer Johnny Mathis

Johnny Mathis, renowned Jazz musician and recent subject of an Afterglow program with producer David Brent Johnson, donated $5,000 to the Al Cobine Fund at the end of 2010. Congratulations to Nancy Krueger and David Brent Johnson for their excellent work.

WFIU Winter Music Sale a Success!

WFIU’s Winter Music Sale raised $700 for the station over two days, and brought in many donations from people throughout our listening area. Guests browsed through our bins for CDs and LPs and sipped complimentary hot apple cider.

Operations News
Our new Director of Marketing and Communications, John Bailey, has joined us. He will be continuing our community relations work, and will be helping to coordinate and streamline our online content, particularly in the realms of social media. He is also working to improve station systems. With more than seventeen years of experience in public radio, John is an excellent addition to the WFIU team.

Indiana Public Media is hiring for a part-time Web/Application Developer to round out our Digital Media team. This person will be responsible for back-end programming and maintenance of,, and the WTIU site.

Funding News

170 Million Americans Initiative Launched
170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting is a partnership of more than 250 public television and radio stations throughout the country, national organizations, producers and the millions of Americans we serve every day. The initiative has a strong social media component, and a “Take Action” form on the website. WFIU has signed on as a partner station. We are running messaging directing people to the site so they can find out how funding changes may affect the public broadcasting stations they rely on.

Legislative Update from NPR Policy & Representation
We will face repeated attempts to defund public broadcasting, beginning in the House. The first attempt will be either Congressman Lamborn’s (R-CO) recently re-introduced legislation, H.R. 69, to prevent NPR from receiving federal funds and public radio stations from using federal funds to purchase NPR programming; or his legislation, H.R. 68, that eliminates all federal funds for CPB after FY 2013.

In the Senate, we expect Senators DeMint (R-SC) and Coburn (R-OK) to introduce legislation very similar to Congressman Lamborn’s. But Senate prospects for defunding public broadcasting are not just confined to attention from these two Senators. Virginia Democrat Mark Warner is working with his Georgia Republican colleague, Saxby Chambliss, to introduce legislation that will implement the recommendations of the President’s Fiscal Commission. We all recall that the bipartisan Fiscal Commission Co-Chairs included defunding public broadcasting, both CPB and PTFP, in their list of preliminary suggestions. And there are Senators of both parties who want to return spending levels to FY 2008 as an integral step to reducing the deficit.