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Frequently Asked Questions: WFIU’s Funding Situation

Answers to questions often posed by listeners about WFIU's funding and the recent state budget cuts.

Here are answers to questions often posed by listeners.  If you don’t find your question answered, leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

How is WFIU funded?
Indiana University provides 36% of our operating budget.
Individual listeners provide 22%
Corporate support makes up 17%
Federal support makes up only 10%.
State support makes up 3%.
This leaves 12% from miscellaneous sources.

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Where do the state funds come from?
State funding is appropriated by the Indiana legislature and distributed to the 8 public radio stations and 8 public television stations that make up an organization called Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations (IPBS).

What is IPBS?
IPBS is a consortium of 16 public radio and television stations who work together to promote public broadcasting education in Indiana.

What are the state funds used for?
Most of the state funding covers news initiatives. When you hear the Governor give his State of the State on the radio—that is funded by IPBS. Daily news reports by Marianne Holland and other reporters from the statehouse are covered by these funds. Much of the coverage of the 2008 election in Indiana was covered by these funds.

Who determines the state budget?
The state budget is voted on by the state legislature.

State funding is very small in comparison to funding from other sources. Does it really matter if you lose it?
Yes, it does matter. Every dollar from the state generates another $2.50 of additional funding in the form of grants, membership, and corporate development. There are also intangible benefits such as increased reporting from the statehouse, carriage and analysis of the Governor’s State of the State address, legislative public affairs productions, and other content that alltogether provides information to Indiana citizens.

What are the proposed state cuts for public broadcasting?
The 2009-10 budget allocated $3.2 million towards Public Broadcast. As of January 2010, the State Budget Director indicated 50% or 1.6 million will be reverted back to the state.

What is WFIU/WTIU’s portion of the cuts?
Our portion of the cut is $200,000

Didn’t this happen last year as well?
Yes it did. In January 2009 the State Budget Director rescinded the fourth quarter payment to IPBS. This was a $1.1 million dollar, or 31% cut.

What did WFIU do to make up for the cut?
WFIU raised money through an emergency fiscal year end campaign that was necessitated by the loss of state funding on top of a decrease in individual contributions as a result of the current economic situation.

Were there any additional cuts?
Yes, In January 2010 Indiana University also received notice that they would need to cut an additional $59 million dollars from their budget.

Where does the money raised during Fund Drive go?
The money raised in November during our annual fund drive goes to cover programming costs.

Why are you sending reporters to Afghanistan and Poland during a financial crisis?
Both initiatives are grant funded. WFIU is not directly funding these projects.