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Christina Kuzmych Bids Farewell

"The Christina Years" officially end in June, as WFIU's station manager departs after 27 years.

Christina Kuzmych has been with WFIU since 1984, starting as record librarian and finishing as station manager. She is retiring June 30th and moving to Wyoming to be closer to family interests and to serve as general manager of the Wyoming Public Media network.

Christina has been the face and voice of the station for many years and knows many of you personally. What you may not know is the key role she has played in a number of public broadcasting initiatives here and throughout Indiana. These include:

  • Establishment of a collaborative statewide news bureau
  • Early involvement in new media and defining what they could mean to public radio
  • Development of the station’s first Web pages
  • Initiation of a major giving program for both stations
  • Hands-on direction of every fund drive
  • Development of co-productions with a score of academic departments at IU

We wish Christina every success. We will miss her creativity, initiative, and energy. Tributes to Christina appear below, and we invite you to send yours to

Perry Metz
General Manager, WFIU/WTIU


All through the years I have admired you and your work at WFIU. For me WFIU is and has been Christina. I wish you continued good health and satisfaction in your future endeavors.

Warm best from the old prof,

Janos Starker
IU Jacobs School of Music


Christina Kuzmych has had an impossible job.  She has supported people who have new program ideas, but she has had to keep listeners who love the old programs happy. She has to make news for music lovers and music for news junkies.  She has to work miracles without a miracle budget. That’s what the best of public radio is about.

Owen V. Johnson
Associate Professor
IU School of Journalism


Over the Christina years we have seen careful attention to programming, the development of a second HD station recognizing the dual demands for talk radio and more varied music, amazingly successful fundraising, and technological improvements which we, as lay people, can only begin to understand. What a legacy! Christina combines toughness with diplomacy in advocacy for public media. She deserves a huge thank you and very good wishes for continuing success!

Charlotte Zietlow
CAB Board member and community activist


Christina Kuzmych had been the unique voice of WFIU for so long, I cannot imagine not hearing her on the radio. She has also been an excellent station manager and I have been delighted to work with her on Profiles. She has always welcomed new suggestions and ideas and has been gracious with program guests as well as with other visitors to WFIU. She has been an institution at IU and a participant on the national scene.

Patrick O’Meara
Vice President for International Affairs


Christina was a wonderful example for me as a young, professional woman when I worked at WFIU. I really look up to her. A compliment from Christina was always well-earned. WFIU will have a hard time filling her shoes.

Arianna Prothero
Morning Edition Producer
WLRN in Miami


Christina has the uncanny ability to look ahead on the road and plan for eventualities before others have even noticed them on the horizon. Because she is brave and courageous, she hires people in whom she sees potential and builds teams that accomplish wonderful things often with very few resources except exceptional human capital. I am personally grateful to her for all that she has taught me since I first asked her in 2004, if I could do a program on flowers.

Moya Andrews
Host/Producer, Focus on Flowers


WFIU plays an important part in our quality of life in Bloomington. One of the reasons is Christina Kuzmych and her dedication, knowledge, and enthusiasm for having a vital, interesting as well a stimulating station. Wishing her well, she will be missed by many, especially me.

Menahem Pressler
IU Jacobs School of Music


I have always appreciated the dedication Christina has displayed—for compelling radio, community service, and good journalism. I have huge respect for how she reaches out in the community to learn how WFIU can better serve its audiences, especially in this tumultuous time for traditional media. WFIU has grown in stature, and grown in importance to this community, under her watch.

Bob Zaltsberg
Editor, The Herald-Times


Nearly two decades ago, Christina hired me as a part-time go-fer at WFIU. What quickly followed were trial-by-fire introductions to such areas as programming, marketing, analog vs. digital issues, and funding challenges.

I was fortunate to watch Christina navigate these churning waters with intelligence, courage, and a clear and constant vision of the value of public radio to the community, the state, and the nation.

Cary Boyce
WFIU Interim Station Manager


Christina Kuzmych, by her own admission, can be a tough customer. She’s had to be, in order to get WFIU where it is today.  When I was news director at WFIU, I used to joke that she was like a firearm—very handy when pointed in the right direction.

Christina can look back at her almost 25 years at Radio-TV Services and take pride in her legacy at the station and across the state. She’s shepherded WFIU to new translator communities, and helped usher the station into the digital age.  Because of her vision, the station is positioned well for the future.

Beyond the borders of the station, thanks to her, Indiana has one of strongest statewide broadcast news networks. She was instrumental in founding the IPBS News initiative, and played a guiding role in the nascent Impact On Government reporting project, which promises to provide the most extensive reporting effort focused on education in Indiana.

Beyond the programming, Christina can take satisfaction in helping shape the careers of any number of public broadcasters, me included. Somehow (I still haven’t figured out quite how) Christina always managed to find just the right person for a given job, and then helped that person along to the next level. I can certainly say that without Christina’s help and direction, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Christina is taking on a big challenge in moving to Wyoming to manage the public broadcasting network there. But it’s a tribute to her talents that she leaves a station that is secure and can proceed to the next level despite her departure. That’s the true mark of a great manager.

Will Murphy
President and General Manager,
Northeast Indiana Public Radio