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Noon Edition

A StoryCorps Valentine's Day

Suzanne Aquila and Katie Weismiller

For Valentine’s Day, we have a collection of short conversations about love, from members of the community. All of the conversations were excerpted from two-person interviews recorded in the StoryCorps traveling studio on its recent Bloomington visit.

The stories all touch on similar issues, like getting second chances at love, whether or not there such a thing as love at first sight, when and how you know if somebody is “the one,” and how we overcome the forces that can keep us apart.

[slideshow 1, photo 1]

We begin with high school sweethearts Jason and Melissa Nam, who talk about how they fell in love, in spite of a date at the movies that could have gone a bit more smoothly.

[slideshow 1, photo 2]

We continue with Cheryl and Dave Haium, whose relationship began with a fateful meeting. In fact, they give fate a great deal of credit in how their relationship started, grew, and continues.

[slideshow 1, photo 3]

Glorianne Leck and Susan Savastuk remind us that you don’t always recognize the love of your life when you first meet them, because sometimes you can’t even see their face.

[slideshow 1, photo 4]

Zandro Pleimann and Fiona Taggart may not believe in love at first sight, but Fiona describes many small details about Zandro that all combined to convince her that he was the one for her.

[slideshow 1, photo 5]

Up next, Suzanne Aquila and Katie Weismiller share some of their stories about what drew them together, and what tried to keep them apart.

[slideshow 1, photo 6]

Our next story about falling in love comes from Wanda Hosea and her husband William, who may remember some of the key details of their first meeting a bit differently, but definitely have the same idea about what it takes to keep their relationship strong.

[slideshow 1, photo 7]

Finally, Elizabeth Rubin Walter and Libby Katz Hogan ponder whether their relationship is proof that love at first sight is real.

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