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Russian Rock Critic Artemy Troitsky

Unlike many other kids of my age I was a very dedicated fan. For me it wasn't enough only to listen to fantastic songs and dance to them and kiss girls to them, but I also wanted to know, ‘Who are those people who play and sing and what are the songs about?' I think that above all rock and roll is adventure.

Artemy Troitsky is a Russian journalist, music critic, concert promoter, broadcaster, and academic who has taught classes on music journalism at Moscow State University.

He has been active as the leading expert and promoter of the new Russian music and culture after perestroika and glasnost.

Troitsky was one of the organizers of the Account No. 904 rock concert to raise funds for the victims of the Chernobyl disaster, the first such concert in the Soviet Union.

He's written the books Back in the USSR: The True Story of Rock in Russia, and Tusovka: Who's Who in the New Soviet Rock Culture.

Thanks to Adam Julian for his assistance in this production.

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