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Rock Producer Todd Rundgren

A musician's lifestyle is unusual in ways that people probably don't think about. They probably only think about what the upside might be-the attention, the ability to play music, the lifestyle I suppose. I got into the music business because I was a musician, not because I wanted to be a celebrity.

Todd Rundgren, the music producer known for his songs "Hello, It's Me," "Bang the Drum All Day" and "I Saw the Light," was the Class of 1963 Wells Scholars Professor at Indiana University Bloomington this past fall.

Rundgren was the highest paid rock producer of the 1970s, producing bands that ranged from the New York Dolls, The Band and Patti Smith, to Meat Loaf, Hall & Oates, and Cheap Trick.

Always a fan of technology, he made his music available through online downloads about a decade before the advent of iTunes.

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