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Photographer Yuri Dojc and Filmmaker Katya Krausova

Patrick O’Meara interviews Yuri Dojc and Katya Krausova, who created the photography exhibition Last Folio at IU’s Grunwald Gallery of Art.

Yuri Dojc (l) and Katya Krausova

I studied mechanical engineering because my parents figured out that would be the best thing for a kid in Eastern Europe—it was apolitical and safe. In the last year, I just couldn’t take it anymore.

—Yuri Dojc

[Yuri’s childhood and mine] were very marked, very dominated by the Cold War. And the fact that we were living on the edge of this divided world. We lived in a city that was separated from the free world by the Danube. You could see the watchtowers, and you could see the people on the other side. It was an extraordinary feeling, that the trains that went through the railway station came from the other side. . . . 

—Katya Krausova

Yuri Dojc is a commercial and fine arts photographer whose works are part of private collections and galleries around the world. In 2001, he received the Medal of Honor from the Slovak Ambassador to the United States for We Endured, a series of portraits of Holocaust survivors.

Katya Krausova is an independent television producer-director who began her TV career with the BBC in 1976. Her independent production company won the 1997 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar for Kolya.

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