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Noon Edition

WIRED Editor Peter Rubin

Peter Rubin (Courtesy: Lauren Crew)

“We're so used to having a supercomputer in our pocket and being able to get any answer to any question. What’s going to happen with these devices is: knowledge is going to transition into experience.”

Peter Rubin has been a writer and editor for more than a decade, penning cover stories for GQ, Elle, Details, and other magazines. Since 2011, Rubin has been on the team at WIRED Magazine. He leads their editorial efforts on digital platforms, and he oversees coverage of culture.

Many of Peter Rubin's recent efforts have explored the technological and cultural phenomenon of virtual reality, quickly making him of the industry’s go-to authorities on the subject. He recently completed a book called Future Presence: How Virtual Reality Is Changing Human Connection, Intimacy, and the Limits of Ordinary Life. In the book, Rubin calls V.R. an "intimacy engine," and suggests that, while once we needed another person to feel the sensations of closeness, trust, vulnerability, confidence, and titillation, V.R. will give us the ability to induce these sensations by ourselves for the first time in human history. This metamorphosis, Rubin argues, is going to have a powerful and unprecedented effect on relationships that will ripple throughout our society and our individual lives.

Peter Rubin was born and raised in here in Bloomington, Indiana. He was recently back in town to give a reading from his new book.  While he was here, he joined Janae Cummings in the WFIU studios.

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