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Human Rights Advocate Twesigye J. Kaguri

[My father] took me home that day and said, ‘Jackson, you are too young to go to school, but since you keep insisting . . . tomorrow I will send you on one condition: If you ever fail an exam, you will never go back.' Next morning he sold a goat and bought me a uniform, pens and books and he sent me to school. . . . And since that day, I've never failed an exam in my entire life.  

Twesigye J. Kaguri immigrated to the United States as a visiting scholar studying human rights advocacy at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs.

He has been involved in international community efforts as a human rights advocate, fundraiser, and inspirational speaker.

Kaguri has been recognized in Time magazine's Power of One Series, and spoken to the UN about his work.

He is the co-author of The Price of Stones, Building a School for My Village.

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