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Doonesbury Creator Garry Trudeau

I don't usually like to alienate editors. After all, they are the clients and I would prefer they run everything I do. But when you're in hundreds of newspapers you cannot have the arrogance to assume that everything you do is going to make it into all those papers. Each editor is presiding over his own community standards, and those are going to be different from town to town.

Garry Trudeau is the creator of the Pulitzer-prize winning comic strip Doonesbury, which appears in more than 1,100 newspapers worldwide.

He has also worked in television and theater, including writing and co-directing A Doonesbury Special, and writing the book and lyrics for the Doonesbury Broadway musical.

Trudeau has been a columnist for The New York Times op-ed page and a contributing essayist for Time magazine. In recognition of his work about wounded warriors, he has been presented with the Commander's Award for Public Service by the Department of the Army.

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