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Crystal Fleming

Crystal Fleming (Photo: Aaron Cain, WFIU)

Crystal Fleming is Associate Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies at the State University of New York Stony Brook, where she is also Associate Faculty in the Department of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies. She has conducted research on racism and anti-racism in the United States, France, Brazil and Israel.

Dr. Fleming is also known for her frank talk and her humor. As an author and a speaker, she has taken on a broad range of scholarly and personal topics, from racism and white supremacy to politics, spirituality, feminism, sexuality and philosophy.

Crystal Fleming is the author of two books. Her latest is called How to Be Less Stupid About Race: On Racism, White Supremacy and the Racial Divide. It is part memoir, part critical race theory, and part social commentary with a healthy dose of satire. One of Fleming's goals in writing the book was to debunk common misconceptions about racism.

Dr. Fleming was recently on the IU Bloomington campus to give a lecture for the Black Film Center/Archive. While she was here, she spoke with Janae Cummings.

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