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Noon Edition

Comedians Mat Alano-Martin and Andy Kindler

Mat Alano-Martin holding an iPhone and a water bottle, and Andy Kindler with his back to the wall

There's a lot more work to [being a comic] than people think. . . . You have to be a self-starter. Basically I have my own business. . . . There's quite a bit of work that goes into it.

- Mat Alano-Martin

Bloomington standup comic Mat Alano-Martin has appeared on The Bob & Tom Show, Laughs on Fox, and at many comedy clubs throughout the Midwest. He co-directs the Limestone Comedy Festival, which he co-founded.

Andy Kindler is a comedian, actor, and writer who got his start in the alternative comedy scene of the early 1990s. He's known for his appearances on Bob's Burgers, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Late Show with David Letterman.

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