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Christoph Irmscher, Professor Of 19th Century Literature

I justify what I do by essentially telling myself-when I write about the experiences of others-my own experience of writing enters into what I write on every single page.

Christoph Irmscher is a professor of English at Indiana University in Bloomington who teaches and writes about 19th century American and Canadian literature and culture.

His books include The Poetics of Natural History: From John Bartram to William James and Longfellow Redux.

He is the editor of John James Audubon: Writings and Drawings, the only critical edition of Audubon's literary output, and the co-editor of the ecocritical anthology, A Keener Perception.

Professor Irmscher was a consultant on the PBS documentary John James Audubon and he guest-curated the Bicentennial Longfellow exhibit at Harvard University's Houghton Library.

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