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Noon Edition

BPP Artistic Director Chad Rabinovitz

My job is to tap into the community and say, ‘This is what people want to see.’ It’s a little harder with new plays because it’s an untested resource. So, we’re creating something that I feel is going to speak to the Bloomington audience and the surrounding areas, and bring people in, sell tickets, but also be artistically valuable.

From his college days Chad Rabinovitz has been a working director. He has directed more than seventy-five productions across the country, focusing mostly on new and contemporary work.

His directing credits at the BPP include Cadillac, Bomb|Shell, Miles Away, Kissing Frogs, The Boy in the Bathroom, and Maggie Cassidy.

Under his tenure, the BPP has undergone a complete renovation, tripled its subscribership, expanded its education program, and sold more tickets in a single season than in any before in the theater’s thirty-two-year history.

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