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Noon Edition

Artist and Baker Sean Starowitz and Shipwreck Survivor Andy Hanson

Andy Hanson in beard and blue-and-white pinstriped shirt, with arm around Pat Foster, who's wearing a blue top

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First up, artist and baker Sean Starowitz. His projects include Fresh Bread, which transforms abandoned urban spaces into pop-up bakeries that bring high-quality, affordable bread to poor neighborhoods. Starowitz has contributed writings to Proximity magazine and has lectured at Queens College and elsewhere. He talks with Will Murphy about why funding for the arts is critical for quality of life in Indiana.

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Next, a Bloomington man’s story of a family’s effort to survive a shipwreck.

IU professor of computer science Andy Hanson and his wife Pat Foster were among the hundreds of people who participated in StoryCorps’ Bloomington visit to Bloomington this summer. In this excerpt of their session, Hanson speaks of his experiences as a 12-year-boy escaping from the Andrea Doria as it sank off the coast of Nantucket in 1956. (Begins at 43:10)

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