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A postcard of the button factory in warsaw new york

A few years ago, a good friend of mine who lectures to his classes told me a story about his wristwatch. He’d remove it and place it on the lectern in order to pace his presentation. Turns out, the wall clock in the classroom had been positioned behind him.

In a rush one day, he left his watch at home and didn’t realize it until after he’d entered class. He asked his class of 100 or so freshman students if anyone could loan him their wristwatch.

a postcard of a shoe department at the A Herz Store in Terra Haute

Time On Your Wrist, Time In Your Pocket

No one wore a wristwatch. They offered their cellphones instead. My friend actually had a cellphone at the time.

But it was quicker and easier to simply raise his arm and look at his wrist. Also, he had gotten in the habit of setting his watch ahead about three minutes to give himself a slight margin on appointments. This wasn’t possible with his cellphone.

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