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"Oolitic" by Matt Colglazier

"Write me a prologue, and let the prologue seem to say we will do no harm with our swords, and that Pyramus is not killed indeed. And for the more better assurance, tell them that I, Pyramus, am not Pyramus, but Bottom the weaver."

- William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream

Matt Colglazier works as an academic adviser in six departments at Indiana University. He was the 2008 Democratic nominee for state senate in Indiana's 44th district. He is also the founder of, a website devoted to interviews and reviews focusing on the craft spirits movement in the United States.

Colglazier reads "Oolitic," "Jewel," "The Congressman," "Myra," and "The Opponent - Pancake Breakfast" on this extended web edition of The Poets Weave.

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