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Noon Edition

Let Us Meet Some Of The Vampires

From the cover of Vamps: A Retrospective by James Dorr.

"A fool there was who made his prayer / (Even as you and I!) / To a rag and a bone and a hank of hair / (We called her the woman who did not care), / But the fool he called her his lady fair / (Even as you and I!)"

- from Rudyard Kipling, "The Vampire," 1897

James Dorr writes short fiction and poetry leaning toward dark fantasy and horror, with his latest book a novel-in-stories, Tombs: A Chronicle of Latter-Day Times of Earth.

Today, he will read on the subject of vampires and things vampiric from his all-poetry collection Vamps (A Retrospective), which is available from White Cat Publications or Alban Lake Publishing). More information can also be found on James' blog.

James reads "Le Meduse," "Vampire Thoughts," "Daylight Savings," and "Night Child."

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