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Mother Bears, Our Golden Shovel

“Greeting the barkeep, we order Alpha Kings…” (photo by Danny Armstrong / Flickr)

"When power corrupts, poetry cleanses."

- John F. Kennedy

Adam Henze is a doctoral candidate in the School of Education at Indiana University and works as a researcher at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community. He is one of the founders of Slam Camp, a summer writing academy for teenage poets, and hosts The Power of a Sentence, a poetry writing course at the Indiana Women's Prison. Adam's work has appeared on NPR, PBS, and the Associated Press. He has one book of poetry, Written in the Dish Pit, published by Chatter House Press. Adam serves as the Vice President of Southern Fried Poetry, Inc., and is the Official Poet of the Indianapolis 500.

On this edition of The Poets Weave, Adam reads "A Grad School Friend Chastises Me About Self Care, and Sounds like Henry Cleval Scolding Victor Frankenstein" and "Mother Bears, Our Golden Shovel."

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