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Color-enhancement showing magnetic resonance image of an individual breast (Dr. Steven Harmes/National Institutes of Health, Wikimedia Commons).

Andrew Marvel wrote, "had he world enough and time," he would devote "Two hundred [years] to adore each [of his mistress's] breast[s]."

Dr. Emily Bobo is the author of Fugue (Lost Horse Press, 2009) and editor of Bobo Books. She teaches writing to single moms, ex-cons, and military vets at Ivy Tech Community College, where she is a professor of English and department chair of Fine Arts & Humanities.

Dr. Bobo reads "Ode to My Mother and Our Little Breasts," "lying in the MRI like lying on a guillotine," "Postcard to my aunt who died of breast cancer," and "Our Lady of Wheat."

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