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Women in the Military

ROTC class

Many changes in the military over the past decade have opened up careers to women wanting to serve their country. Last week, U.S. Defense officials announced women will now officially be allowed to serve in combat roles. While some say women were already working on the front lines, many female soldiers are nonetheless looking forward to new job opportunities.

This week on Noon Edition, we'll sit down with women who have served in the military to talk about their experiences and how military professions have changed over time.

Join us Friday at 12 p.m. for our conversation, and send us your questions in advance to You can visit this site to be part of our live chat, follow us on Twitter @NoonEdition, or join us on the air by calling in at 812-855-0811 or 1-877-285-WFIU.


Winnie Wilson- Army veteran; Manager, IUPUI Office for Veterans and Military Personnel

Hannah Sewell- Navy veteran; Ivy Tech student

Denise Brown- 23 year Navy veteran; Monroe County Special Olympics Coordinator

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