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Waste Water Problems


City and county health officials are trying to find manageable ways to clean up water ways by keeping sewage out. However, many remain unsuccessful without sewer system renovations.

E. Coli levels in Brown County have recently been reported at extremely high level.  The high levels were first detected in ponds and creeks in the Bean Blossom area 10 to 12 years ago and have only continued to rise.  The problem may be caused by lack of an up-to-date sewer system in the area.

And Brown County is not the only area in the state struggling with waste water disposal.  Many counties in Indiana have out dated sewer systems that need redeveloped. We'll talk about the problems around the state and what can be done to address them.

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Bruno Pigott- Assistant Commissioner, IDEM's Office of Water Quality

Frank Nierzwicki- Lecturer, Indiana University SPEA

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