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Tornadoes Cause Destruction Throughout The State

Ally in Washington, Indiana after the tornado destruction.

At least 26 tornadoes touched down across Indiana this past Sunday, and communities in several different counties are still cleaning up the mess.

This week on Noon Edition, we took a look at some the hardest hit areas. We heard stories from people affected by the storms in Kokomo and Washington, Ind., and discussed weather alert systems.

Both Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight and Washington Mayor Joe Wellman joined us to discuss the damages and relief efforts.

In Kokomo  the mayor's office reports 30 local businesses destroyed, 47 homes completely destroyed and 179 homes with  major damage.

"We have cleaned up about 198 tons of debris," Goodnight say, adding that he imagines they have gotten to only half of what needs to be done.

Mayor Wellman says things are progressing well in Washington. There were no reported deaths in Indiana due to the storm and Wellman says there  have only been minor injuries in the area.

"Each day we get together, what do we need to do? What have we accomplished? And what needs yet to be done?" Wellman says.

Mayor Wellman attributes the quick relief the city is seeing to the decision to appoint a city employee to coordinate the volunteer efforts.

Maria Carrasquillo from the Monroe Chapter of the American Red Cross joined us for the program as well. Carrasquillo says social media and mobile apps are often helpful for situations like these. The Red Cross has several emergency mobile apps that can help users find the help they need.

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