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Synthetic Drug Look-A-Like Law

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A law making it illegal to possess any synthetic drugs went into effect earlier this year and is already creating a stir.  Four aromatherapy companies in Indiana have filed suit challenging the law. Under a previous ban, synthetic drugs were identified based on chemical compounds but the new law bans anything that a reasonable person would consider a synthetic drug.

Officials say the new law is needed because synthetic drug manufacturers were able to make slight chemical changes to avoid breaking the law but opponents of the law say it is too broad.

This week on Noon Edition, we’ll talk with the author of the new law and legal professionals to see what might happen as the lawsuit plays out.

For more background and information on the synthetic drug laws in Indiana take a look at two stories done by reporters Gretchen Frazee and A.J. Brammer.

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State Senator Jim Merritt, R-Indianapolis

Jennifer Haley, Narcotics and homicide specialist, Indiana Prosecuting Attorney’s Council

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