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Suburban Poverty On The Rise

A group of volunteers prepares food for the community it serves.

Poverty is on the rise in Indiana, but it’s happening in what some would consider an unlikely place. Both locally and nationally, suburban poverty rates are rising faster than in urban and rural areas. And in Indiana, suburban poverty has nearly doubled since 1970.

Statistics released by the Metropolitan Policy Program reveal the drastic increases in suburban poverty rates for the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the country.

This week on Noon Edition, we’ll talk with researchers and support program coordinators about the factors contributing to the rise in suburban poverty and what some groups are trying to do to slow the trend.

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Noon Edition airs Friday at 12 p.m.


Elizabeth Kneebone, fellow at the Metropolitan Policy Program, Brookings Institution.  Co-author of Confronting Suburban Poverty in America (Brookings Press, 2013).

Linda Patton, Circles Initiative Coordinator, Indiana South Central Community Action Program.

David Reingold, Professor and Executive Associate Dean, Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA).

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