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The Importance Of Spaying And Neutering Pets

  • June Carter

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    Photo: @TheIndianaDan

    @TheIndianaDan: Here is June Carter. She loves tuna and catnip, and hates almost everything else

  • Odie

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    Photo: @AlexDierckman

    @AlexDierckman: ODIE!!

  • Matilda

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    Photo: @mmcclimon

    @mmcclimon: This is Matilda: no eyes, but still adorable.

  • Olivia

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    Photo: @CSquaredM

    @CSquaredM: This is Matilda's sister Olivia!

  • Sugar

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    Photo: @newsland333

    @newsland333: Sugar- Our 10-year-old samoyed/husky mix. Rescue and possibly best dog ever.

  • Obi

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    Photo: @schnitzeltagen

    @schnitzeltagen: This is Obi. He loves snoozing and treats.

  • Pony

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    Photo: @mia_partlow

    @mia_partlow: meet Pony, who is currently training for a strongman competition

  • Ned

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    Photo: @chachwal

    @chachwal: Ned was neutered at @Pets_AliveIN and adopted from Bloomington Animal Shelter.

  • Gracie

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    Photo: @BobZaltsberg

    Host Bob Zaltsberg on Twitter: Friday's @noonedition will be about dogs, cats, spaying etc. Gracie will be listening!

  • Gracie

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    Photo: Sara Peterson

    Sara Peterson: Gracie was found in a ditch as a puppy and spayed as soon as we could through Pets Alive.

Pets owners love their animals as if they were a part of the family

Many pet advocates argue spaying and neutering your animals is one of the most important things you can do to take of your pet, because it prevents euthanasia down the line.

In many cities, non-profits offer these services at reduced costs, but pet owners in rural areas often don’t have access to those resources. On this week’s Noon Edition, we talk about some local groups that provide spay and neuter services and how they make them accessible to Indiana’s rural areas.

Our guests include Charlotte Walker of Pets Alive in Bloomington, Victoria Wisley of the Monroe County Humane Society and Sue Ann Werling of Brown County’s Humane Society.

Below are resources for spaying and neutering services in our area:

Spay Neuter Association of Indiana
S.P.O.T. in Brown County
Pets Alive in Bloomington and mobile services
Vouchers through Monroe County Humane Association

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