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How To Be Responsible With Your Tax Return

Are you expecting a tax refund this year? We'll help you decide how you want to use it.

When it comes to filing your taxes, there are two types of people: those who pay and those who get paid.

For those who receive a tax refund from the government, it might seem like a nice bonus check to pay down debts, pad your savings account, or to simply pay for something fun. But is it better to minimize the amount of your paycheck the government withholds? Or to receive a mid-year lump sum?

This week on Noon Edition we’ll discuss what those returns mean for your finances, and what tax experts suggest you do with a return.

Our guests include David Hayes, President of Comprehensive Financial Consultants in Bloomington and Brad Heim, a former U.S. Treasury employee and researcher at the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs focusing on tax policy.

You can join the discussion by following us on Twitter @NoonEdition or calling into the program at 812-855-0811.

Noon Edition airs Friday at 12:06.

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