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Noon Edition

Race Safety

A group of marathon runners pass by.

In the aftermath of Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings, many observers noted that such an event is a vulnerable target for terrorists. It’s quite unlike a stadium event: thousands of runners and many more thousands of spectators converge and move freely along 26 miles of city streets.

It’s epic individual achievement against an everyday urban backdrop. Both the potential for chaos and the challenge to the security effort are inherently great.

This week, we’ll talk about race safety. What’s prudent? What’s even possible? And how have this week’s events in Boston changed people’s perspectives? We’ll hear from runners, security experts, and listeners like you.


Leah Seigel, Runner in the Boston Marathon, Law Student, Indiana University

Chris Muir, Runner in the Boston Marathon, Graduate Student, Indiana University Biology Department

Scott Friedlein, Emergency Services Coordinator, Illinois Marathon

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