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Probation Officials Worry About Funding Jail Alternatives


A bill headed to Indiana's Senate contains the largest criminal code changes in 30 years. Part of the proposal would sentence many low level prisoners to county rehabilitation programs rather than to state prisons. The bill passed the Indiana House last week, but not before lawmakers sliced away its $1.9 million funding package.

Some say the cost of new rehabilitation programs can be off-set by reduced prison populations, but county corrections officials say they won't be able to expand probation departments without additional funding. This week on Noon Edition, we'll talk with jail and re-entry program directors about how they're planning for the changes.

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Linda Brady- Chief Probation Officer, Monroe County Probation Department

Representative Matt Pierce- Co-author, House Bill 1006

Jill Matheny-Fuqua- Director, Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition in Indianapolis

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