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Planned Parenthood Indiana Funding Cuts

planned parenthood BW

Photo: Barbara Krawcowicz (Flickr)

A protester outside Bloomington's Planned Parenthood.

Governor Daniels recently signed into legislation a restriction on federal funds being used in Indiana clinics that perform abortions.

According to advocates of the bill, Hoosier women will still have access to women’s health services through other providers. Opponents of the bill, however, say lower income women will lose access to these health services.

Noon Edition airs Friday at 12:06.

Note:  During the show, we erroneously indicated that Rep. Eric Turner chose to not appear on the program.  This was not the case.  We look forward to speaking with Rep. Turner on a future show.

  • Mary

    I am appalled that our state would enact a piece of legislation that denied women services and products that would make them healthier and less vulnerable….in a state and under the leadership of a Governor who professed to make Indiana healthier through his INShape program. But, that being said, the legislation is enacted.  As a reasonably well off resident of this state I would like to offer a proposal…or a challenge.  I would be willing to fund services and products for one or more Indiana women at Planned Parenthood for a year – a health care scholarship so to speak.  Perhaps other women in our state would also be willing to sponsor another less fortunate woman in a program “Indiana women helping Indiana women”    Mary Morgan

  • Shawn Loy

    How much does Betty Cockrum make?  
    What is the value of the total executive compensation package for Indiana Planned Parenthood’s executive staff)
    How much cash on hand do the Indiana, National, and International planned parenthood affiliates have at the moment? last month? last year? 2009?
    What is the value of the total assets of Indiana, National, and International planned parenthood affiliates at the moment? last month? last year? 2009?  (at one time it was reportedly nearly a billion dollars)
    What should nonprofits do with profits (called “excesses”)?  
    Why not give excesses back to taxpayers?

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