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What's Next For The Monroe County Convention Center

The proposed expansion would cost over $70 million with the food and beverage tax funding half of the cost.

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The Monroe County Council voted this week to pass a 1 percent food and beverage tax to fund an expansion of the convention center.

The tax applies to all food and drinks sold at bars, restaurants and some dry grocery items. The idea for a food and beverage to fund the expansion has been floated for years. The new tax will go into effect on Feb. 1.

Critics of the tax say it disproportionately affects lower income families, and some question if an expansion is necessary.

Proponents say an expansion is long overdue and the county will benefit from the tourism it brings.

This week on Noon Edition, we discussed the impact of the tax and convention center expansion on Monroe County residents.


Ryan Cobine: Monroe County Council President

William Ellis: Monroe County Republican Party Chairman

Lee Jones: Monroe County Council Member

Mick Renneisen: Deputy Mayor, City of Bloomington, IN

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