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Monroe County’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan

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Photo: Regan McCarthy

The County's Land Use Plan will be discussed this week on Noon Edition.

Every 10 years, Indiana law requires counties to produce a plan on how they will develop land. Monroe County’s plan has passed its initial committee, and now moves to the County Commissioners.

The plan is a controversial one, and this week on Noon Edition, we’ll sit down with both sides of the debate.

Joining us in studio will be Jim Murphy, President of CFC Properties; and Mark Stoops, a County Commissioner who voted to move the plan out of committee.

Join us right here for a live chat, or join the conversation by phone.

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  • btown_permaculture

    What restrictions are proposed on the used of private property and how do you justify them? I am currently attempting to build permaculture farm in Monroe County using alternative building methods and ecologically balanced designs. I seem to be hindered at every step by prohibitive building codes and inflexible regulations. How does Monroe County justify stifling this innovation?

  • Johnny F Baker

    Corporate greed ? Monroe Co. Is a bout to pass a Communist planing $ zoning MASTER PLAIN ! That will turn Monroe Co. In to a COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP! They are taking away our property rights & our American FREEDOM. Everything about Bloomington & Monroe Co. Is going to be a COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP. They will run our lives by controlling everything, our property & business. They will dictate where we live & who we live with. Right now you cant grow stuff in your own garden with out a permit & its illegal to sale it, the farmers market is not open for ever one to sale, only a few spacial people can sale there. People cant live out in the county any more, except in little over crowed areas. We will be little more than slave to the commie pinheads & your think corporate is the problem??? Johnny F Baker

  • Johnny F Baker

    Smart Growth ? I think in Bloomington Monroe Co. IN. Smart Growth means to cheat the working people out of there property rights, so only the rich & greedy & IU ! Can use the land they do not own or have a right to. Welcome to Bloomington Monroe Co. Home of the COMMUNIST P$Z DICTATORSHIP. Johnny F Baker – the American Freedom Party.

  • Bakersjunction

    IT’S THE END OF AMERICAN FREEDOM ! In Bloomington & Monroe CO. IN. The COMMUNIST have ceased power & have taking control of all privet property! When Bloomington & Monroe Co. Planing $ zoning pass there, Final comprehensive land use plan for Monroe County ! (The NEW COMMUNIST P$Z MASTER PLAIN !) It Takes away all property rights, from the property owners ! Our government will control all privet property & we will have a total COMMUNIST PLANING $ ZONING DICTATORSHIP. With out property rights we have no FREEDOM. I have been bared from making comments or righting News letters on the Herald Times news paper, so I don’t even have freedom of speech. When the communist p$z illegally attacked & destroyed me 100% disabled Vet, Because I have a Bakers Junction RXR Museum out in the country & not in town? They attacked & destroyed me & my family with out any reason, they lied cheated & my permits disappeared out of there filles, But I had my coopies. For the whole story go to The future of Bloomington & Monroe Co. Looks bad ! No property right & no FREEDOM ? We will have a total COMMUNIST PLANING $ ZONING DICTATORSHIP ! It’s the end to our FREE AMERICAN way of life. But we deserve what we put up with. Johnny F Baker – Bakers Junction RXR Museum 7898 Fairfax Rd. Smithville IN. 47401 Web sit- – E-Mail – – Ph. 812 824 2158

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