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Noon Edition

Tornado Preparedness

It's tornado season, and this year a number of storms have swept through the Southern states of the U.S., from Tuscaloosa, Alabama to Bristol, Virginia. The state of Oklahoma declared a state of emergency after a tornado outbreak left at least 8 dead. And with 116 dead at most recent count, last week's tornado in Joplin, Missouri was not only the second major tornado disaster in less than a month - it was also the deadliest single twister in 60 years.

Dozens of tornadoes have sprung up in Indiana this season, and several tore through south-central Indiana this week, leaving thousands without power, and many without even a roof over their head.

Our guests this week on Noon Edition are Sue Gulley, Executive Director of Monroe County Chapter of the American Red Cross; Gerri Husband, of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security; Kurtis Gwartney, News Director for KGOU Public Radio in Oklahoma; and Jesse Hawila, of the Ball State Stormchasers.

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