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Noon Edition

How Invasive Plants Affect Indiana's Environment

Japanese Honeysuckle was first introduced to the US in the early 19th century and can crowd out native plants for sun and ground cover.

Invasive species of plants can compete against and crowd out native Indiana species in our environment.

Last month, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources gave lakes across the state grant money to combat invasive plants. Two lakes in Monroe County, Lake Lemon and Griffy Lake, have both received a portion of that $580,000 in grant money.

This week on Noon Edition, we’ll discuss what invasive plants could be in your community and how they made their way to Indiana.

Join hosts Bob Zaltsberg and Sara Wittmeyer as they explore how this new DNR grant  will work and how environmental experts plan to solve this problem.

Our guests:

Cathy Meyer, Naturalist, Monroe County Parks & Recreation

Ellen Jacquart, Director of Northern Indiana Stewardship, The Nature Conservancy

Adam Casey, District Manager, Lake Lemon Conservancy

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