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Noon Edition

Indiana's PRIDE Film Festival

Bloomington's PRIDE Film Festival is celebrating its 7th year.  Hosted at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater, the festival highlights independent films focusing on the GLBT community.  Although the festival has expanded into a four day event, BC Theater Director Danielle McClelland said there is still plenty of room to grow.

"We are still a small festival in the grand scheme of Gay and Lesbian film festivals around the world so the vast majority of the films that we get at the festival are actually activity solicited by our steering committee members," McClelland said.

PRIDE now shows more than 20 films over the course of the festival ranging from documentaries, to shorts, to full-length feature films.  However, McClelland said the festival is about more than just movies.

"Something I'm really proud of this year, we're doing a PRIDE in Service event on the Saturday of the film festival because we know we're going to have a large number of people focused and interested in being together and doing things together," McClelland said.  "So, we've organized some service activities at the community kitchen and possibly a cleanup in the down town area so that members of the GLBT community can give back to the community as a whole and in a visible manner."

Every year the festival centers on a theme.  This year's is titled "Steer Queer" and offers a look at gay and lesbian life in rural communities.

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