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Noon Edition

Indiana Writers Conference Attracts Writers Of All Kinds

From Kurt Vonnegut to Scott Russell Sanders, writers of all stripes and styles have long called Indiana home. A bustling writing community continues to thrive here; each summer, young and old writers alike travel to Bloomington for the Indiana Writers' Conference.

Next week marks the 71st annual Indiana Writers' Conference, a weeklong series of workshops in all kinds of writing-from literary fiction to 'the art of blogging'-and nightly readings by visiting writers. This Friday on Noon Edition, we'll sit down with Bob Bledsoe, the director of the IWC, as well as novelist Tony Ardizzone and poet Patrick Rosal, to talk about the Conference. We'll also touch on the more general role of writers in their local communities.

You can join a live chat at, or call into the program at 855-0811 to join the conversation. Noon Edition airs Fridays at 12:06.

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