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Indiana Bids For Drone Testing Site

An unmanned aerial vehicle completes its demonstration test flight

Ohio and Indiana have joined forces to create the Ohio/Indiana Unmanned Aerial Systems Center and Test Complex in Springfield, Ohio.  The states hope the partnership will make them a more viable competitor to become one of six Federal Aviation Administration unmanned aerial systems test sites that will be chosen later this year.

Unmanned aerial systems, or drones, are projected to be a billion dollar industry, and supporters say they will bring jobs and money along with them. But others are concerned allowing drones in Indiana could infringe on people’s safety and privacy.

We will talk with drone experts to discuss what role Indiana is likely to play as the technology develops.

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Matt Konkler, Executive Director, National Center for Complex Operations

Jane Henegar, Executive Director, American Civil Liberties Union

Dr. Richard Baker, Professor, Aviation Management and Technology, Indiana State University

Lt. Col. Dave Rader, Aviation Division Chief, Camp Atterbury Muscatatuck

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