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Guns, Privacy, And The Press

This week on Noon Edition, we discussed gun issues considered this legislative session. Joining us in studio were Hoosier State Press Association General Council Steve Key and District 60 Representative Peggy Welch.

  • NameAnmar Mirza

    A License to Carry a Handgun gives the capability to carry a handgun concealed OR openly. Indiana law is silent on whether the gun must be carried openly or concealed.

  • Anmar Mirza

    The fact that the newspapers COULD have published the detailed personal information is what made a lot of people uncomfortable.

  • kirk_freeman

    1. It's, not It is a blog that was one of the primary organizers of the grassroots outrage. Details matter. If the media cannot even get a website correct, then what else are they getting wrong?

    2. It wasn't the NRA that was behind this law. It was grassroots outrage over newspapers endangering our lives and the lives of our children by printing our names and addresses. It was driven by blogs and gun forums such as Indiana Gun Owners.

    3. The media was beyond irresponsible and must be rebuked, if not prosecuted.

    4. If you want to try to use the Indiana State Police as a stalking horse for your actions of endangering my family then you should attack the state police and not my family.

    5. My family is NOT a public record and is NOT subject to any “media watchdogs” (note that these watchdogs are lapdogs on a host of other subjects).

    6. The Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney should convene a grand jury and investigate why the Herald Telephone started this attack on Indiana families. Was this a hate crime? Was the media attempting to Intimidate Indiana gun owners?

    7. The Indianapolis Star's attack attempted to use sentencing decisions by judges as an excuse to attack Indiana families. If the lapdogs in the media want to investigate soft on crime judges then they are free to do so. However, the lapdogs in the media should not attack Indiana families in doing so.

    8. There is no permit to carry a concealed weapon. A pistol may be carried openly or concealed. (However, I forgive Representative Welch this mistake as a license to carry a handgun is often called a “concealed weapons permit” as concealment is required in other states).

    9. The purpose of the law (and the government) is to bolster and defend my God-give rights, not make anyone “safer”.

    10. “Gun control database”? Nice Freudian slip. You wish, media misfit. You lost your access to the carry database, too bad, so sad, your dad.

    11. Fourth Amendment? Right to property is the Fifth Amendment. Apparently being educated is not a requirement for the media.

    12. The guy that brought the shotgun to his office was a STATE employee who lived near the office!

    I would like to thank the Herald Telephone for attacking Indiana Gun Owners. By doing so you made us stronger. Please continue your pathetic attempts to undermine our civil rights.

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