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More Doctors Research 'Chemo Brain' in Cancer Patients

chemo drugs

Many cancer patients experience mental slowness and even loss of memory during chemotherapy treatments—a phenomenon some call ‘chemo brain.’ Until recently, little was known about how and why patients have these neurological side effects during treatment.

This week on Noon Edition, we’ll talk about ongoing research on ‘chemo brain’ and ways cancer patients can try to cope.

Join us Friday at 12 p.m for our conversation. You can visit this site to be part of our live chat, follow us on Twitter @NoonEdition, or join us on the air by calling in at 812-855-0811 or 1-877-285-WFIU.


Brenna McDonald- Pediatric neuropsychologist, Center for Neuroimaging at the IU School of Medicine

Julia Livingston- Bloomington resident, completed chemotherapy treatments this summer

Janice Ross- Nurse navigator, Olcott Center for Cancer Education, IU Health Bloomington

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