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Noon Edition

Changes To Parking In The Downtown Area

Parking meters

Last month, the cost of a Commercial All-Zone Permit increased from $55 per vehicle to $103. (Becca Costello, WFIU/WTIU)

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About a year ago, Bloomington City Council passed an ordinance to change parts of the City’s Parking Ordinance.

Some of the changes were implemented at the beginning of 2019.

These included but aren’t limited to: increasing hours of enforced metered parking, closing the Fourth Street garage, and increasing parking fees at other parking garages.

Other changes to the City’s Parking Ordinance were implemented last month, which modified neighborhood parking zones and raised prices of city parking permits.

Garage parking permit prices will increase in 2020.

The City Council adopted these changes following the studies and recommendations of the city’s parking commission.

As the downtown area grows, some argue it becomes necessary to restrict the number of vehicles entering the area each day.

But some residents feel the new regulations prevent them from enjoying the amenities of downtown Bloomington and hurt local businesses.

Join us this week as we talk about changes to parking in Bloomington and its effects.

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Our Guests

Talisha Coppock, executive director of Downtown Bloomington Inc.

Michelle Wahl, Bloomington Parking Services coordinator

Scott Robinson, assistant director of Department of Planning and Transportation

Danielle McClelland, executive director of the Buskirk-Chumley Theater

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