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Bloomington’s Annexation Proposals Provoke Concern From Residents

City of Bloomington

Photo: Indiana Public Media

The City of Bloomington officially presented its first annexation proposal to the city council last week.

Bloomington’s city council made their first considerations on the city’s proposed annexation efforts.

Today on Noon Edition, we discussed those efforts and what it might mean for Bloomington, Monroe County, and those living in the area.

Residents and businesses within the proposed annexation areas have expressed worry about the potential tax increase and its side effects if it goes through. Marty Hawk, Monroe County Council Member, voiced many of these concerns highlighting possible slashed funding for county fire departments and raised taxes.

“Having met with the citizens, what we see is that the dollars that will be being taken away from the fire departments, will leave those fire departments unable to provide their mission without some additional tax,” she said.

Deputy Mayor Mick Renneisen addressed some issues regarding these increased taxes. He noted how service costs are likely to shift.

“While it’s true there are some changes within the distribution of the funding sources from city to county, it’s also true the city picks up a lot more expenses related to the cost of delivering services,” he said.

These services include roads, public safety and parks among others.

Plans for the annexation are just commencing. It will be a long process of meetings, public communication and logistical planning before anything is put into effect.  

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