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January 3, 2014


Stationary exercise bicycles.

Start The New Year With Noon Edition

This week we’ll be talking about New Year’s resolutions. Let us know if you plan to make a resolution and share what you think about the New Year’s tradition.

January 10, 2014



How Can Online Degrees Be Successful?

Two IU online degree programs were ranked as the best by U.S. News and World Report, so this week we'll look at what makes a top notch online program.

January 17, 2014



The General Assembly’s Proposed Pre-K Bill Is Heavily Debated

The General Assembly is proposing a Pre-K voucher system, and this week we'll talk about what this program could look like.

January 23, 2014



A Discussion On The Same Sex Marriage Ban

The proposed ban on same sex marriage in Indiana was passed through committee this week and is heading to the House floor for a vote.

January 30, 2014


small town

How Can Rural Communities In Indiana Stay Viable?

New research from Purdue defines what a rural community is, and this week on Noon Edition we will talk about the challenges facing small towns in Indiana.

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