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Addressing Learning Loss During The Pandemic



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Early studies show Hoosier students have had dramatic setbacks in retention of information learned in the classroom during the pandemic.

State officials say standardized testing needs to happen this spring to understand where learning loss has occurred and what areas of the state have been most affected. 

But some parents are pushing back. They say adapting to learning at home was enough of an adjustment without requiring standardized testing as well.

The State Department of Education says it is working to make sure schools and students are not penalized for their performance this year. Indiana has requested a waiver for federal accountability requirements, including the provision for a 95% test participation rate.

MCCSC officials, however, have said testing students this year won’t provide accurate information on student capabilities. 

This week on Noon Edition, we’re talking about how to address learning loss during the pandemic.

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Note-This week of our guests and hosts will participate remotely to avoid risk of spreading infection. 


Laura Hammack, Superintendent, Brown County Schools 

Hardy Murphy, Clinical Professor, IUPUI School of Education

Doug Uhls, Richland-Bean Blossom Education Association president

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