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Noon Edition

Jazz books in the pipeline Pt. 2

A few days ago I posted a list of jazz biographies and books that some fans are eagerly awaiting. (Right now I'll add another-as well as the appended Bob Porter book on soul-jazz-volume two of Gary Giddins' Bing Crosby bio.) Well, here's some background on why it's rough going these days for writers of books about jazz.

Sometimes I worry that half of the audience for jazz books and CD reissues these days consists of DJs and book reviewers who may expect or attempt to solicit free copies. (Cough, cough... say, who's the person writing this blog?) Seriously, though, the sales targets for these titles are small to begin with, which makes me feel compelled to buy said titles, partly to support the people who put them out, and partly in hopes that I'll be doing my bit to support more such endeavours. I also hope that Night Lights programs will encourage listeners to seek out jazz CDs and related books. It's a mean ol' market out there... and I want to put my money where my love is.

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